SOFLO House Sitter - Offering you peace of mind while you are away.
About SOFLO House Sitter:
My name is Josephine I started this company due to the fact that people need to feel comfortable about leaving their home empty and enjoying their time away without worrying about their property. I normally work solo however, if I can't help you I will do my best to help find someone that can. I am lucky to have partnerships with individuals that may be able to help you with your house sitting needs within your area. It is always nice to know that your property is taken care of with a person that is reliable, responsible, honest, and works with integrity. That is SOFLO House Sitter way!
I do have a full time job, I can offer weekend sitting only.  I can take care of small size animals (min. 1) Dog, Cat, Birds, Fish, Hamsters & lizards, NO SNAKES, please. It is always best knowing your pet is safe and well taken care of in their own home. 
Starting base is $45 per day for 1 pet,  additional fee may apply depending on distance, clients special requirements and/or if medication is required.
Checking, Walking & Feeding
Cleaning & maintaining: litter boxes, cages & pee pads
Administering medication ( I am not a vet, minimal medication only)
Communication is everything when I house and/or pet sit. I require a written list with an emergency numbers, name and number of your pet's vet, and other important information regarding your home or pet. I will update you with a daily or weekly correspondences on your house and pet via email, text, skype or phone call.
Based out of :
Weston, FL 33326 
Hours: 24/7
Referrals upon request
Licensed and Bonded
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